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The Healer

RM 168.00

The Healer contains crystals that are selected for their curative qualities that are highly beneficial to your mental and physical health. If you, or somebody you know is embarking on a journey to great health & fitness, this connection kit would make a great possession.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline offers protection from electromagnetic frequencies emitted from smartphones, computers, and other electronic devices. It is also great for drawing out toxins and elements that are not beneficial to your body


The shiny labradorite is a powerful stone that strengthens faith and trust in self and in the universe. It removes non-beneficial projections from others, banishes insecurities, irrational fears and also disappointments, including those experienced in past lives. If you’re experiencing major changes in your life, the labradorite is a useful companion by infusing your spirit with strength and perseverance.

Blue Apatite

The beautiful blue apatite helps with lowering high blood pressure, strengthening muscle tissue and sharpening motor skills. A great stone for healing eye ailments, it can be used to soothe headaches and stimulate eyesight. 

Milky Quartz

This master healing stone protects the aura and is great for supporting the healing of any physical condition. Infuse it with any positive intention that suits your health journey.