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The Bounty

RM 168.00

The Bounty contains potent precious stones and crystals that manifest fertility as well as to support and maintain a healthy pregnancy. 


This bright yellow stone supports birth, growth and the healing of lower body from various ailments. It also fortifies nerves and have a warming effect on your body.

Rose quartz

This popular stone increases fertility and creates a loving environment for a new foetus. Immensely supportive of the female reproductive system and genitals, rose quartz also assist in sexual difficulties. Most importantly, it promotes empathy and a strong bond between mother and baby.

Tiger Eye

Golden tiger eye nourishes the mother and baby as it supports digestion and absorption of foods (especially Vitamin D) for the ultimate nutrition. This intriguing stone is also used for increasing vital life force.

Milk Quartz

The milky quartz is a master healing stone, great for any physical condition. It channels healing and protective energy while intensifying positive intentions.


The labradorite is a powerful ally in your fertility or pregnancy journey. It can amplify healing thoughts and prayers.  A beneficial stone for general health, it also balances hormones and relieves lower body tensions.