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The Devotion

RM 199.00

The Devotion is designed to attract and nurture romance, bolster friendships and support the feelings of love and contentment towards your closest. 

An excellent stone for promoting cohesiveness and mutual understanding, this sunny crystal also attracts love and happiness while guarding its owner against negative energies.

Blue Apatite

This blue beauty helps overcome self-consciousness, promoting openness and honesty for a relationship that is grounded with optimism. With an uplifting energy that raises positive vibrations, it gradually increases the attractiveness of its bearer.

Rose Quartz

The stone that represents unconditional love, it vibrates gentle energy of tenderness, sensuality and empathy. It has the ability to encourage a quiet and steady flow of self-love, platonic love and of course, romantic love. It also helps alleviate symptoms of jealousy.

Milky Quartz

This soothing stone attracts kindness, love and mutual understanding. It also imbues your thoughts and actions with nurturing energy that would aid in any interpersonal relationship.


This beautiful stone enhances the feeling of peace and contentment. It aids in resolutions and promotes mutual understanding between partners or friends.
Black Tourmaline
This powerful stone absorbs and protects against negative vibes, leading to less disagreements and discords in any relationship.